PDF to DATA is a conversion service, which allows you:

  • convert your PDF documents to clean structured data
  • automate repeated manual or inflexible process of extracting of valuable data from PDF documents
  • process the output data in any specific way

The extraction process features:

  • intelligent and powerful conversion of document tables into perfectly structured data
  • extract images with corresponding attributes and assignments to text
  • extract texts
  • extract document properties
  • any many other …

Additional services and enhancements to your output data:

  • data cleansing
  • reformatting
  • mapping according your definitions
  • consolidation
  • analysis
  • reporting, charts, BI
  • any specific processing based on your needs

Output formats:

  • XML
  • CSV
  • Excel
  • JSON
  • DB (export, dump, SQL statements, etc)
  • any customer defined format

Input PDFs and output data delivery possibilities:

  • FTP
  • Mail
  • SOAP Web services
  • Rest Services
  • HTML upload / download
  • and others


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