Big Data Integration

Talend provides a powerful and versatile open source big data product that makes the job of working with big data technologies easy and helps drive and improve business performance, without the need for specialist knowledge or resources.

Data Integration

Talend’s data integration products provide powerful, flexible integration, so that firms can stop worrying about how databases and applications are talking to each other and instead maximize the value of using data.

Data Quality

With Talend’s information quality solution, organizations understand and improve the completeness, accuracy and integrity of data, so you have more confidence in the information you receive and the decisions you make.

Master Data Management

Talend’s MDM solutions turn disparate, inconsistent information across your business, such as product and customer data, into a single “version of the truth”, providing increased confidence in the decisions you make.

Enterprise Service Bus

Talend’s reliable and scalable enterprise service bus (ESB) products simplify the connection, mediation and management of services and applications so more time is spent making decisions instead of integrating systems.

Business Process Management

Talend’s business process management (BPM) products enable IT and business users to rapidly create and optimize business processes, empowering organizations to respond faster to customer and market demands.

Talend Gold Partner – System Integrator

IT4BI is proud to be certified as Talend Gold Partner. As such IT4BI can propose it’s professional skills to deliver data integration solutions using powerful technology and years of data industry experience.

See Talend website for more information.